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Call the domestic violence lawyers in Beverly Hills at Jamra & Jamra if you have been accused of domestic violence: 310-278-9001. Conviction on domestic violence charges can have a major impact on your life especially if you are divorcing. A divorce settlement or post-divorce modification can be dramatically impacted by such charges. Child custody, visitation rights, spousal support, and many other aspects of divorce may be impacted by just an accusation of domestic violence. Even if the allegations are unfounded, the impact on an individual can be devastating. Your attorney must know when to be compassionate and also when to be aggressive in such cases. If you have been accused or convicted of domestic violence, we may be able to help you minimize the impact that this has on your divorce settlement. We will also listen to your concerns and offer support and guidance through this challenging time.

On the other hand, you may be the victim of domestic abuse or your child may be subjected to harassment, intimidation or violence in their home. In such cases, we may be able to help you obtain a restraining order against the abuser. In addition to direct physical harm, harassment, intimidation, unwanted phone calls, emails or texts can all be considered domestic abuse. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are being threatened or fear injury to you or your children. We provide free and confidential consultations.

Answers about Protective Orders and Domestic Violence Hearings

There are two broad categories of protective orders in California: temporary and permanent. A temporary order lasts, typically, from the time of its issuance until the time the Court sets a hearing to hear the permanent restraining ordery. A permanent order, on the other hand, may last much longer but is not actually permanent.

In certain instances where the parties are still residing together in the same house and there are incidents of domestic violence and/or threats of domestic violence, the spouse who is being subjected to the violence can also seek an emergency “residence exclusion order” seeking to have the abusive spouse physically removed from the residence. Other relief that may be considered at a domestic violence hearing (either on regular notice or on an ex parte basis) includes the following:

  • Restraining orders against annoying or harassing one spouse
  • Restraining orders against incurring debts on the credit of one spouse by the other
  • Temporary orders regarding child custody, child visitation and child support
  • Temporary orders regarding spousal support
  • Temporary orders regarding attorneys’ and accounting fees and costs

There may be a legal shield for you no matter what challenges you face. Reach out to us for answers that are based on experience. When the experience of our three lead attorneys is combined, we have been practicing family law for nearly four decades. During that time, we have assisted couples through some of the most emotionally harrowing and financially complex divorces and separations. If domestic violence is an issue in your relationship, you need exceptionally experienced attorneys who know how to manage this complexity. Our lawyers are compassionate always and aggressive when necessary. We are also skilled at diffusing emotionally combustible scenarios. Our office staff, all of our attorneys and the environment that we create in our office is one that is welcoming and compassionate. We believe that you are already experiencing significant stress. Interactions with your attorney should not contribute to that stress.