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Division of Property is a Complex Area of California Marriage Dissolution

Beverly Hills property division lawyers at Jamra & Jamra have the resources to represent you wherever you are in the world. If you need local representation from a property division lawyer, call us from wherever you are in California, the United States or the world. We are your guides in the California family law court system. Concerns as to how property will be divided are typical. While California guidelines regarding division of community assets and obligations are specific, their application is dependent on the proper characterization of assets and liabilities as community or either spouse's separate property. In our many years of practicing family law, we have developed relationships with the leading forensic accountants, real estate experts and other financial analysts in California who will offer invaluable insight to determine fair property division. While California law requires an equal division of community property, the complexity of determining such a division must be handled by sophisticated and experienced lawyers and experts. As a result of our experience and with our strong relationships with so many professionals throughout California, no matter your questions and concerns about the California family law process, we are prepared:

  • How will a business be valued?
  • Will the spousal support arrangements be impacted by the property division agreement?
  • Is California property the same for separation as it is for marriage dissolution?
  • How will the assets and property be divided and who has the right to the home, vehicles, retirement accounts, investments and businesses?
  • Does the length of our marriage impact property division under California law?
  • Are tax burden burdens a part of community property?

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Facts about Division of Property in California

California law provides that each party is entitled to receive one-half of the community property upon Dissolution. Our attorneys can help identify, value, and divide the parties’ community assets and debts. By analyzing your complex financial details and explaining the California legal process to you, we can help you understand how best to divide your property in your Dissolution proceeding. 

California has a community property system. Everything you own may be classified and legally characterized as either “community property”, “quasi community” or “separate property.” In addition, it is possible for you and your spouse to “transmute” the character of asset whereby you agree that the asset is to be treated as separate property and vice versa.

When your marriage is dissolved, all liabilities will also be characterized and divided into community property debts and separate property debts. Generally, debts that either you or your spouse acquired during marriage are characterized as community property debts. These include credit card debts, even if the credit card is in one spouse’s name only. However, monies you owed before getting married is your separate property debt. A debt you may incur after separation but before your marriage is dissolved may be a community property debt or your separate property debt depending on the circumstances.

Generally speaking, you and your spouse each keep the separate property you own, and you are responsible for paying your respective separate property debt. Community property assets and community property debts are divided equally unless you and your spouse agree to an unequal division or certain debts are awarded to one party or the other in exchange for other consideration such as an asset of equal value to the debt. There may be instances where separate property of one or both spouses  is “co-mingled” (mixed) with community property. This scenario is most frequent when community or separate funds are deposited in a bank account with separate funds. In those instances, a party claiming repayment of his/her separate property will be required to produce documentation to “trace” the respective separate and community property components of a mixed asset. In many Dissolutions, the time involved in resolving property issues is prolonged because there are disputes as to whether property is community property or separate property and as to the value of community property.  

Many married couples own a home, furniture, and a car as community property.  You and your spouse also may have cash in checking and savings accounts, stocks and bonds, stock options, pension and profit-sharing plans, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, a vacation home, rental property or a business -- all of which can be community property, may also be community property character which have to be divided. Clearly, division of property can be an extremely intricate process. Having a skilled counselor and an experienced legal team on your side can make the process much easier and, potentially, lead to a more fair resolution to suit your best long-term interests.