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Prenuptial Agreements and Family Law Throughout LA

If you are getting married soon and you reside in the Los Angeles area, call Jamra & Jamra. We are Beverly Hills lawyers for pre & post-marital contracts and we offer comprehensive family law representation. If you ever become divorced, who will you turn to for forthright and supportive legal advice? Understandably, this question may not be a priority while you plan your nuptials. It may also be a question that you never have to answer. But it is your attorney’s job to ask such questions. Our responsibility is to protect your best interests through all of life’s possibilities.

Our attorneys have helped countless couples create prenuptial and post-marital agreements throughout Los Angeles. Though many of our clients are high-net-worth families and many are celebrities, we offer our services to people from all walks of life and are here to help if you want to have a premarital/post-marital agreement drafted or reviewed. We understand, of course, that these questions are extremely sensitive and delicate. We handle them accordingly and prioritize our clients’ comfort. Innumerable clients have told us that they appreciate our compassion and professionalism combined with sensitivity due to the nature of the topic. Our reputation is based upon our commitment to clients.

Call our Beverly Hills lawyers for pre & post-marital agreements at 310-278-9001 to get answers to your questions regarding your family law needs. We offer free and confidential consultations about prenuptial agreements and all family law issues.   

LA Law Firm for Post-Marital Agreements

Whether you have been married recently or for a very long time, you may consider creating a post-marital agreement. We can help draft this agreement or review this agreement to help you protect your assets, foresee how property will be divided, and prepare for many other eventualities if your marriage must ever be dissolved. Our approach to practicing law involves compassionate and supportive engagement with our clients. But we also are rigorous defenders of your best interests. Reach out to us for practical legal advice that is based upon decades of experience.   

Prenuptial Agreements with Los Angeles Family Law Attorneys

Prenuptial agreements cannot simply be created through casual conversation among romantic partners. To create a legally binding arrangement, you must reach out to experienced family law attorneys to either draft the agreement or review the agreement. We have created and reviewed such agreements for people with vast wealth, complex stock portfolios, and extremely high net worth. Though each prenuptial agreement is unique, our experience makes us uniquely prepared to handle your agreement regardless of your economic situation. We rely on experience and have the skill to respond to your particular needs.