Beverly Hills Legal Separation Lawyers

Separation may be a Divorce Alternative or a step Toward Dissolution

Once a decision has been made that the marriage is over, a decision must be made whether to file for dissolution or for legal separation. People often decide to seek legal separation as there is no statutory residency requirement. In another scenario, a couple may have religious doctrine that forbids divorce and therefore they decide to legally separate instead. These circumstances, however, are only two of the many in which a legal separation is appropriate. Because every situation is unique, anyone considering divorce or separation is encouraged to reach out to the Southern California family law attorneys at Jamra & Jamra.

People throughout Los Angeles turn to us for practical legal guidance when they are facing family law struggles. We provide accurate answers promptly and we do so in an easily accessible manner. Because our attorneys have decades of experience practicing family law, we know that each situation is unique and each client deserves our undivided attention. We founded Jamra & Jamra to provide this level of attention.

As we have done for countless clients in the past, we can offer details about the many legal options available in a family law dispute. We receive countless referrals from former clients for two reasons: we are committed to understanding our clients' concerns and we get results.

Legal Questions about California Separation: Our Attorneys Offer Clear Answers

A judgment of legal separation may only be granted if both parties consent or the other party does not appear in the action and the Petition requested a legal separation. Property division, custody arrangements, spousal support, child custody and visitation, child support, restraining orders and attorneys' fees and costs and other details may be part of a legal separation.

Our Beverly Hills legal separation lawyers listen to the details of our clients' situations and help make the best choice for their circumstances. Typically, people turn to us in a high state of stress and with a wide variety of questions. We have answers. Some of these questions include:

  • Can I retain insurance benefits through my spouse’s employer if we are separated?
  • How does our tax status change if we are separated?
  • I am not considered a legal resident of California yet. Is a Dissolution in California possible? 
  • I am not a citizen of the United States. Will my status be impacted by getting separated?
  • My spouse does not want a divorce or to get separated. Do we both have to agree?
  • We are domestic partners with property and business investments together. How does family law regarding separation impact us?

The above represent only a small sample of many possible questions that we are prepared to answer. Getting the details right, completing appropriate Court documents correctly, and advising our clients of all their options: this is what we focus on day in and day out. We know the law, we know how to get results and we know how to do so in an expeditious way.