Beverly Hills Lawyers for Spousal Support Modifications

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Beverly Hills lawyers for spousal support modifications must have particular skills, extensive resources and a history of success. Jamra & Jamra have all of these and offer aggressive legal representation to clients from throughout Los Angeles and from all walks of life. If you are seeking Beverly Hills lawyers for spousal support modifications, call the attorneys of Jamra & Jamra now for answers to even your most complex questions. 

While we are extremely experienced in all areas of family law, we are particularly prepared for cases that involve considerable legal complexity. After a divorce has already been finalized and an alimony settlement has been approved by the Court, altering such a settlement requires deft negotiating skills. Our lawyers have such skill and also have the resources and experience to help you pursue your goals regarding spousal support modification.

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Whether you pay or receive spousal support, we will offer a careful analysis of your situation and present you with all of your legal options. After discussing such options with you and deciding on the most effective course of action, we will be your tenacious allies as we represent your best interests.

Why is a Lawyer Needed for Spousal Support Modifications?

You may be wondering "why is a lawyer needed for spousal support modifications?" While you can represent yourself in most family law matters, an experienced attorney offers peace of mind and familiarity with California family law. Whether you are negotiating child custody, property division or any other family law issue, an attorney can offer guidance and aggressive defense of your rights. But, if you are seeking to have an alimony arrangement altered, you must have such a change approved by the Court. 

Even if you and your former spouse agree to such a change out of court, any deviation from the original court-approved settlement must be approved. Harsh financial penalties will be imposed and jail time is a real possibility if the original arrangement is not observed. By having an attorney on your side, you will have a much greater chance of reaching your goals in any family law matter. Rather than representing yourself in such a high-stakes legal issue, call the Beverly Hills lawyers for spousal support modifications at Jamra & Jamra.