Beverly Hills Late-in-Life Divorce Lawyers

Attorneys who Understand Gray Divorce

If you are considering a late-in-life divorce, turn to experienced Beverly Hills divorce lawyers offering customized representation to each and every client. The attorneys of Jamra & Jamra take only a limited number of cases so we can focus exclusively on each and every client. This is especially necessary for late-in-life or "gray" divorces because these cases often have particular emotional and financial complexities. Many of our late-in-life divorce clients are retired and have serious concerns about their financial future after a marriage dissolution. Some have significant health problems and need extra assistance with the life changes that divorce can bring. Jamra & Jamra understands and is prepared to offer the type of representation you need for your gray divorce.

Call Jamra & Jamra's Beverly Hills late-in-life divorce lawyers for the support you need in a gray divorce. We offer free consultations over the phone or in our office. In some cases, we will meet with you at a convenient location of your choice: 310-278-9001.

Special Challenges of Divorce Later in Life

Whether you have been married for many decades or for a shorter period of time, you may face a unique level of stress if you are divorcing later in life. Divorce always carries stress but a gray divorce has particular complexities. While child custody, visitation and child support are not typically concerns, some of the complexities of gray divorce include:

  • Division of joint retirement accounts
  • Division of real estate, business interests and other assets accumulated over many years
  • Moving costs and challenges related to finding a new home
  • Protecting Social Security income
  • Spousal support concerns related to a fixed income
  • Visitation rights regarding grandchildren

The above represent only a small portion of the many challenges of late-in-life divorce. Furthermore, divorce is emotionally challenging for anyone, but research shows that gray divorce may lead to higher rates of depression and other health problems related to divorce. Jamra & Jamra is prepared to offer the type of legal representation that will minimize your stress level and allow you to focus on your health and achieving the best possible outcome in your divorce. We are experienced in helping clients successfully navigate the challenges of divorce late in life.

For attentive and personal Beverly Hills late-in-life divorce lawyers, contact Jamra & Jamra using our confidential online contact form or call us directly. We have represented many clients going through late-in-life divorce. Our firm has also represented clients with vast wealth and complex financial portfolios as well as clients with more modest financial resources. No matter what your background or how complex your gray divorce may be, our attorneys are ready to provide diligent and customized representation to you.