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Our Beverly Hills child support lawyers support clients throughout Southern California in a wide variety of family law legal challenges. Whatever your family law challenges—and especially if children are involved— we are legal allies who have the skill and tenacity to help you pursue your goals. Additionally, we are compassionate Beverly Hills child support lawyers who always take the time to listen to our clients and respond in forthright, clear, and personal ways. We started this law firm to offer customized legal representation. This is particularly important when children are involved. No custody or support negotiation should be treated as a mere formality. Each is unique and should be treated accordingly. Contact our skilled attorneys for advice and guidance that may help you avoid future conflicts.

Attorneys to Help Determine Child Support Agreements

Whenever the support of a minor child is at issue, the court may order either or both parents to pay any amount necessary for the child’s support.  Among the factors which the Court will consider: the income and earning ability of both parents, the ages and needs of your children and the time the children spend with each parent.  The Court will also consider whether you or your spouse are supporting other people, such as a child from a previous marriage.

The amount of base child support (“guideline” child support) is a statutory formula that is most easily determined by using a computer program. For all practical purposes, the amount of guideline child support is mandatory.  While the Court can deviate from guideline child support under extraordinary circumstances, the circumstances are very prescribed when the guideline amount can be adjusted. The guideline amount is presumed to cover all the child’s expenses except for certain “add on” expenses such as uninsured medical costs. The parties are of course free to negotiate a different allocation of responsibility, and, once again, the Court is theoretically able to order a different allocation of responsibility. As a practical matter, however, a 50-50 division is the norm for add-on expenses. This is also true for childcare expenses that are necessary to enable the primary custodial parent to work. Other “add on” expenses such as private school, summer camp, automobiles, and others can be negotiated by the parties.

California law related to child support can be difficult to navigate without an experienced attorney. Our Beverly Hills child support lawyers have been practicing family law in California for nearly four decades. We have helped innumerable people through some extremely complex and emotionally fraught child custody and child support scenarios.

Not only do our Beverly Hills child support lawyers have a history of success, they also know that clients are often feeling overwhelmed by stress. This is why our entire staff works to respond to clients' needs and why our attorneys take the time to listen and develop legal strategies tailored for individual circumstances. Jamra & Jamra was founded to offer the resources and experience of a large Los Angeles divorce law firm with the personal and accessible appeal of a boutique firm. 

Our Beverly Hills child support lawyers offer a free in-office initial consultation. After a thorough analysis of the facts of the case, our lawyers will promptly offer all of the legal options available. We are also prepared for all questions:

  • How are child support payments determined in a California divorce?
  • What impact do children’s special needs have on support decisions?
  • What if parents are unmarried: how is support influenced by questions of paternity?
  • What to do if child support payments have not been received?
  • How can the child support arrangement be challenged or modified after a settlement?
  • How is child support determined for parents who are interested in legal separation?

We know the complexities of the California Family Law System but, just as importantly, our Beverly Hills divorce lawyers are also committed to making all family law conflicts and child custody negotiations as smooth as possible. Because it is typically in the best interests of the children, we attempt to avoid court intervention and try to mediate custody and support disputes. But if litigation is necessary, we are more than prepared.   

If you need assistance with collecting child support, call to speak with one of the Beverly Hills child support lawyers at Jamra & Jamra.