Beverly Hills Celebrity Divorce Lawyers and High-Net-Worth Family Law

A Divorce Law Firm Committed to Keeping your Case out of the News

Our Beverly Hills celebrity divorce lawyers understand your concerns. If you are a celebrity or high-asset individual, our Beverly Hills celebrity divorce lawyers understand your needs and are well-prepared to represent you. Protecting your real estate, business interests, stocks, and intellectual property during divorce is a priority; we are equipped to legally represent you in mediation and, if necessary, at trial. However, our Beverly Hills celebrity divorce lawyers and high net-worth family law attorneys also understand the need for discretion. Your net worth, your personal life, your divorce settlement and custody arrangements: these are highly confidential and we know how to protect your privacy from public view and media scrutiny.


Our Beverly Hills divorce lawyers and family law attorneys have nearly four decades of experience in family law and we serve clients from throughout Los Angeles and all of Southern California. We have represented countless public figures including actors, musicians, film directors, athletes and new media entrepreneurs. 

Our attorneys are committed to your best interests and dedicated to discretion. Contact us online or call 310-278-9001 to arrange a confidential consultation.

High-Income Divorce and Complex Business Valuation

We understand the importance of preserving your marital estate. Our approach to a case differs depending on the specific circumstances of that case. While settlement may be the optimum result in one case, settlement is not possible in all cases. Our Beverly Hills celebrity divorce lawyers attempt to negotiate from a position of leverage and strength by being prepared to successfully present your case to the Court.

Whatever you decide, we are your legal guides. In addition to the stress of financial matters, we also know that marriage Dissolution or domestic partner separations can be emotionally traumatic. Our firm is committed to personal and attentive service not only because we know it makes us more effective litigators but because we know that it is also important to represent the human element in family law. We distinguish ourselves by being aggressive professionals who also listen and offer counsel through the most challenging emotional tests. When we represent you, we are compassionate supporters and diligent advocates for your best interests.

If you have bank accounts in foreign countries, properties in multiple states and countries, an extensive stock portfolio, a family trust, a myriad of business interests, and complex financial investments including commercial and residential properties, having skilled family law attorneys on your side is crucial during property division and business valuation negotiations.

In divorce cases where vast wealth is at stake, allegations involving breach of fiduciary duty and unfair property division often arise. In such cases, you should be able to rely on your lawyer to ease your anxiety. Our Beverly Hills celebrity divorce and family law attorneys are well-equipped to aggressively represent you. However, we have found, through extensive experience, that arguments based upon detail and diplomacy are much more effective in most cases. We know that family law cases can devolve into extremely contentious disagreements very quickly. We thrive on diffusing such conflict and getting the best possible outcome for our clients. If this means aggressive negotiation, we are prepared. If it means shrewd diplomacy, we are equally prepared.

You may be a business owner going through divorce with complex property division concerns. Joint retirement accounts and inherited wealth may also be at the forefront of your concerns. Your children’s inheritance, spousal support, and whether or not your premarital agreement is sufficient may also be causing you to worry. These are all concerns that our Beverly Hills celebrity divorce lawyers and family law attorneys can alleviate.