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California Family Law, Asset Valuation and Marriage Dissolution

In certain cases, complex issues of business valuation, intellectual property and professional goodwill are involved in the division of the community estate. Over many years of practicing family law, we have developed close relationships with forensic accountants, business appraisers, private investigators and expert witnesses throughout California who, along with our experience, will be invaluable in assessing both your community and separate property assets, including those located in other states and/or countries, in order to trace the source of the funds used to acquire such assets and determine their value for division purposes. Our experts have extensive professional backgrounds in retail business valuation, the entertainment and new media business, trademark and copyright issues, real estate valuation and nearly all areas of business in which you may be involved. We will call upon the right experts to look into the many details of your case and our lawyers will use their considerable experience and skill to align the details into an effective argument on your behalf.  

Our experts will be fundamental in studying and analyzing your particular details so that you will have the knowledge needed to be in a position of power during property division, spousal support and business valuation discussions and litigation. Our analysis will also put us in a position to respond effectively if breach of fiduciary duty is at issue.

Because California law identifies a business owned by a married couple as community property, disputes about property division can become heated when business income and commercial assets are involved especially in high-net-worth divorces. We are compassionate always and aggressive when necessary.

Divorce negotiations can go smoothly with little conflict or they can be cauldrons of unrest and bitterness. We are more than prepared for all scenarios. Mediation, shrewd negotiations, or aggressive litigation: Whatever is in your best interests is the path we will take.

Supportive and Diligent Attorneys with Extensive Family Law Experience

Our family law legal practice in Beverly Hills is well-equipped for the most complex cases. Though we have worked and will continue to work with clients from any walk of life, we are particularly experienced with cases that involve complex financial portfolios:

  • Cases with complicated date of separation issues where a determination must be made as to the date used to determine the business valuation: time of trial or time of separation or another date? The answer can have a major financial impact on your case. 
  • Celebrities with multiple joint business investments and the need for discretion
  • Executives with major property investments that include commercial real estate portfolios
  • Divorcing couples with trust funds and extensive national and international business interests
  • Musicians and actors seeking to protect profits from their craft and intellectual property

We guarantee discretion to all of our clients but we are especially aware that high-net-worth families are particularly sensitive to unwanted attention and media scrutiny. We will protect your privacy no matter who you are and will take extra steps if your private life is of particular interest to the public.