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Hiding Assets, Misrepresenting Income: California Law Requires Full Disclosure

California law provides that husbands and wives hold a fiduciary relationship to one another. In financial transactions between spouses, husband and wives are subject to the general rules governing fiduciary relationships and imposes upon spouses a duty of the highest good faith and fair dealing on each spouse, where neither is to take any unfair advantage of the other. This confidential relationship between spouses is a fiduciary relationship subject to the same rights and duties of non-marital business partners. Among the duties imposed by the spouses' fiduciary obligations to one another is the duty to provide accurate and complete disclosure of all assets and liabilities- whether community or separate in character. Our attorneys have been advocating for clients through complex divorce proceedings for nearly four decades. Divorces in which assets, income, debt or other financial details are alleged to have been hidden can become particularly challenging if an attorney is not prepared for such issues. We have handled such cases countless times.

Parties in divorce proceedings sometimes attempt to conceal, liquidate or misrepresent the value of disputed or marital assets and obligations. However, full financial disclosure by both parties is required by California law as part of the divorce process - and failure to fully comply with such requirement and provide full and accurate disclosure of assets and liabilities, intentional concealment of such assets and obligations, and/or mismanagement of community assets and/or income, may constitute a breach of fiduciary duty toward the other spouse. The Court's finding of such breach of fiduciary duty by one spouse may result in substantial penalties including the award to one spouse of the entirety of an undisclosed asset that might have otherwise been equally divided between the parties.

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Our Lawyers use Leading Experts for Divorces Involving Hidden Assets

If you are accused of hiding assets or are suspected of any breach of fiduciary duty action, we can help you. If you suspect that your former partner is misleading or obfuscating their true net worth, we can help in such circumstances as well. We have been on both sides innumerable times and we know how to develop an argument that will put your interests first.

Because we have so much history in family law—including property division disputes and high-net-worth divorces—we can use our legal insight for the most beneficial arguments possible. Our attorneys will present evidence and information in compelling, persuasive and accessible ways. This is particularly important in cases involving breach of fiduciary duty because the evidence can often be complex. We have the skill to translate complex legal terminology and accounting principles into clear language. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can begin pursuing what is best for you and your family.