Beverly Hills Alimony Lawyers

Beverly Hills Alimony Lawyers

Insight from Experienced Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers

Beverly Hills alimony lawyers at Jamra & Jamra are available to answer all of your questions about spousal support and divorce. Furthermore, we have the resources and experience to represent your best interests no matter how complex your family law situation may be. 

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California law provides that spouses are entitled to receive “spousal support”, i.e., alimony from each other based on many factors, the most important of which are the respective income of both parties, or the lack thereof, the duration of the marriage and the marital lifestyle. “Spousal support” is the name for alimony under California law. No matter the title, spousal support is money that one spouse pays to help support the other after a Dissolution has been filed.

The spousal support ordered during the pendency (after commencement but before the final judgment whether via settlement or trial) of a Dissolution is termed “temporary spousal support” and is meant to maintain the “status quo” for the supported spouse. “Temporary spousal support” may be ordered by the Court at any time after a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage has been filed until the case has been resolved, either by settlement or at trial.

“Permanent spousal support” does not mean spousal support that lasts forever. It refers to the spousal support payable after the case has been resolved by settlement or at trial. Unless the parties agree in writing otherwise, all aspects of permanent support are modifiable. Regardless of your situation, our Beverly Hills alimony lawyers offer customized representation tailor made for your circumstances including the complex tax issues that often arise within alimony agreements.

We are a Los Angeles family law practice with answers. By answering your questions and listening to your concerns as we fight for what is in your best interests, we maintain a commitment to easing the stress of family law conflicts. Personal, attentive and customized representation from experienced Beverly Hills alimony lawyers in a welcoming environment: Jamra & Jamra was founded to provide these services. 

Los Angeles Family Law Attorneys must be Extremely Experienced and Supportive

Our Beverly Hills alimony lawyers represent people throughout Los Angeles from every economic background and in every family law situation. Our particular focus, however, is on family law disputes that involve deep complexity. If you and your spouse cannot agree regarding the payment of “spousal support”, then the Court will decide whether spousal support should be paid, who will pay it, how much it will be and for what duration of time. However, the Court does not order spousal support in all cases. Generally speaking, spousal support is based upon the requesting party’s “need” and the paying spouses “ability to pay.” Both parties’ respective income is also taken into consideration when calculating and ordering spousal support.

The Court will also consider both spouses’ financial position in terms of the division of community property, as well as their respective separate property, debts, health and the marital standard of living. In addition, the Court will also consider the special needs of each party, the amount of money each party can or is expected to earn, and the length of time it will take an unemployed spouse to train for and/or secure a job. Contact our Law firm for answers to all of your questions and guidance through the entire legal process.

Some of the types of spousal support cases that we handle include:

  • Alimony involving hidden assets and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Negotiations that account for lost career opportunities over the course of the marriage
  • High-asset alimony settlements involving complex property division and business valuation
  • Alimony disputes involving Los Angeles’ most reclusive celebrities whose privacy is paramount
  • Modifications of spousal support settlements
  • Negotiations involving parties in different states and even different countries

You may have concerns about the support you receive if your employment situation or health conditions change. You may wonder if your former spouse concealed income from you. You may need assistance obtaining the support to which you are entitled. Or you may be paying an unfair amount. Whatever situation you are facing and no matter how complex the dispute and how high the stakes, our Beverly Hills alimony lawyers have the experience and the resources to help you achieve what is fair.