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Beverly Hills Family Law Attorneys: Custom Solutions for Complex Problems

Representing Clients Throughout Los Angeles 

Jamra & Jamra are Beverly Hills family law attorneys focused exclusively on family law. We do not handle criminal law, business law or personal injury law except when such legal issues overlap with family law. Instead of practicing in a wide variety of legal areas, we are precisely focused on family law. This allows our Beverly Hills family law attorneys to dedicate all of their effort and time to each client engaged in family law challenges. Our family law attorneys believe these legal challenges deserve undivided attention. Our law firm also firmly believes that legal representation should be customized for each case. 

Our areas of practice include but are not limited to: 

Regardless of the challenges you face, our Beverly Hills family law attorneys are prepared. We represent clients facing the most complex challenges including those related to domestic violence, tax complications, and breach of fiduciary duty. Jamra & Jamra is prepared. Our attorneys have the resources, the experience and the commitment to protect your best interests in all family law challenges. 

We are based in Beverly Hills and represent clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California with even the most complex family law issues. Call 310-278-9001 for a complimentary consultation with experienced Beverly Hills family law attorneys. 

What makes Jamra & Jamra different is our focus on preserving our clients' assets and giving them a custom-made strategy focused solely on their goals and financial budget. Simply put, rather than pushing clients through the system and using a one-size-fits-all approach, the Beverly Hills family law attorneys at Jamra & Jamra offer customized representation and personal service that is designed for each client’s individual circumstances.

This customized approach works: the Beverly Hills family law attorneys of Jamra & Jamra have been named Southern California Super Lawyers 10 years in a row. The firm's three partners are also highly regarded throughout the California legal community as practical resolution experts and tough litigators when the need arises. The Beverly Hills family law firm of Jamra & Jamra offers customized legal representation. Always. 

There is no simple formula for divorce settlements in California. Every case, couple and family is different. Because of this, Jamra & Jamra does not put the client on the divorce "one-size-fits-all conveyor belt" that simply pushes them through the system regardless of what the client wants or needs. Rather, each client gets a team of advocates who take the time to listen and prepare a legal strategy focused on the client’s specific goals and customized to that individual’s circumstances. 

There is no simple recipe for creating the perfect custodial arrangement, dissolution of marriage or prenuptial agreement. Each case is different. Experienced and empathetic Beverly Hills family law attorneys understand this. Our family law attorneys take the time to listen, understand their clients' needs and how best to achieve clients' goals strategically and cost-effectively.

If amicable negotiations with a former spouse are possible, our Beverly Hills family law attorneys will pursue that course. But if aggressive representation is needed, Jamra & Jamra is equally ready. Year after year, Jamra & Jamra has succeeded in cost-effectively and diligently resolving its clients' family law matters. 

Our Lawyers Serve all of Los Angeles: From Long Beach to Thousand Oaks

Whether negotiating a celebrity’s pre-marital agreement or helping a school teacher negotiate a custody arrangement, we offer the same high level of performance, strong advocacy and incisive legal counsel. The law firm's approach is to be discrete, expeditious and comprehensive. Countless families and individuals throughout LA who have benefited from this approach can affirm: Jamra & Jamra gets results.

Many people throughout Los Angeles are reluctant to contact a Beverly Hills family law lawyer because they fear that the cost will be prohibitive. That is understandable, but our Beverly Hills family law firm is committed to providing exceptional legal services for any budget by offering a free one hour in-office consultation to explore the client’s options. In this consultation, we will discuss a way to create a custom-made legal strategy taking into account not only the client’s needs but their budget as well. This allows each client many options for achieving their goals at a cost that is reasonable.