Determining Spousal Support

How Much Alimony Will Be Awarded?

Whether you will be paying spousal support or receiving it, you may have the same question: how much alimony will a California Family Court order for spousal support? There are some general guidelines the court will use and the family law attorneys of Jamra & Jamra know many successful strategies for pursuing the alimony agreement you seek. However, no two cases are exactly the same and you deserve customized legal guidance regarding alimony and spousal support.

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The attorneys of Jamra & Jamra will analyze the details of your situation and prepare you for the likely outcome. This includes preparing your for how much alimony you will likely be ordered to pay or how much you will likely receive. The California Family Court has final discretion but, because we have been family law attorneys for so many years, we are able to anticipate the outcome in most cases. More importantly, our attention to detail, our thorough preparation and our commitment to our clients’ best interests will allow us to argue for the best possible outcome in your case.

Typically, determining alimony—also called spousal support—will be based on longevity of the marriage, economic health of each party, and a host of other factors including:

  • Each party’s earning ability
  • The standard of living established during the marriage
  • A fair and reasonable amount of support based upon age and health of each party

A court ordered vocational training adviser may analyze the divorcing couple’s situation to determine a fair alimony based upon whether or not employment is feasible for one or both parties. The adviser may consider health, age, employment history, education and job availability, among other factors, in making recommendations to the court.

The Court and Determining Alimony

The court has a tremendous amount of discretion when determining an amount for spousal support and will require extensive evidence to make a fair decision. In addition to considering many of the above factors, the court will also study any details that may impact the earning potential of each party and the ability of the paying spouse to maintain payments while also retaining the standard of living established during the marriage. Additionally, the court may use domestic violence convictions, financial debt and a host of other factors to make a determinination. The goal will be to create an equitable spousal support agreement. The attorneys of Jamra & Jamra will be your guides and advocates through the entire process. Contact us now for legal advice and guidance from experienced attorneys.