Child Custody and Visitation Modification 

If Your Custody or Visitation Plan must be Modified, Our Lawyers can Help

The Beverly Hills family law attorneys at Jamra & Jamra are prepared to assist you with all of your family law needs including child custody and visitation modifications. Throughout Los Angeles and across Southern California we have helped countless divorced and separated parents modify their child custody arrangements. Because your circumstances may have changed since your prior custody plan was finalized, you may need to alter the visitation/ custody schedule. This is something that cannot simply be done between parents. Any changes must be court approved. We can help you through the process. Call (310) 278-9000 to speak with a lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in modifications of child custody and visitation plans.

No matter the reason why you need to modify your custody arrangement, we may be able to help. Some of the common reasons why parents in Los Angeles seek to modify their child custody or visitation plans include:

  • A change to one or both parents' work schedules
  • A new schedule for the child based upon school commitments or extracurricular activities
  • An employment change allowing the non-custodial parent to spend more time with the child
  • A change in employment that interferes with the custodial parent's time spent with the child
  • A necessity by one parent to move away, making the former child visitation agreement untenable
  • A child's health or well-being in jeopardy making an immediate change necessary

There are many other reasons why a child custody arrangement should be modified. We can help you gather the evidence you need, present a strong argument and skillfully pursue the custody arrangement you seek.

Approval by the Court is Mandatory

Changes in employment, relationships, living arrangements and other developments in life often lead parents to become more flexible with their custody and visitation agreements. Being flexible may seem beneficial at first but changes to arrangements without a court order can have long-term consequences. For the benefit of the children and the parents, any custody and visitation modifications must be formally stated and approved by the court. Otherwise fines and other penalties may ensue. Furthermore, court orders can ensure clearly established boundaries and requirements that may positively impact your long-term relationship with your children's other parent. 

If you and your child's other parent find that your original child custody agreement is no longer appropriate, call the Beverly Hills family law lawyers of Jamra & Jamra. We are experienced attorneys for modifications of child custody and visitation plans.