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The Steps Involving Filing a California Domestic Partnership Disillusion

Friday, February 05, 2016

Though incredibly similar to divorce according to the California Family Code Section 297-297.5, domestic partnership dissolution comes with a host of variations and differences unique to each case.

From the California Family Code Section 297-297.5:

[D]omestic partnership couples are afforded, "the same rights, protections, benefits, responsibilities, obligations, and duties," as marriages.

Further, California Registered Domestic Partnerships are only recognized in California and aren't even acknowledged by the federal government. Because of the law, California Registered Domestic Partnership disillusions carry the same weight as a divorce. Thus, a Superior Court must be involved when a seperation is pending.

The steps involved in filing a California Registered Domestic Partnership are as follows:

  • File with a Superior Court to start the case.
  • Complete a full disclosure form, which details each partner's assets and debts.
  • Resolve any partner's support issues.
  • Resolve any property division issues.
  • Resolve child custody and any child support issues.
  • Honor these aforementioned resolutions in a Domestic Partnership Dissolution Settlement Agreement, which has been filed with the court.

The steps for filing follow most procedural court processes. However, what comes after can sometimes be a messy and confusing venture wrought with disagreements and arguments.

Aspects related to rightful inclusion, healthcare, parental legal recognition of children, intestate succession, wills and trusts, and community property rights are just a few of the hurdles that those must face when dealing with a California Registered Domestic Partnership disillusion.

We highly recommend working with an experienced attorney when dealing with your California Registered Domestic Partnership disillusion. The costs related to your disillusion might seem high, but if you skip out on hiring an attorney, they will likely get even higher.

For additional information on California Domestic Partnership disillusion, including particular details involving your case, click here.

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