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Domestic Violence Rates Higher among Same-Sex Couples

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

According to new literature, domestic violence rates are either the same or slightly higher among same-sex couples, compared to heterosexual couples.

Earlier studies have also indicated high rates of domestic violence in the homosexual and lesbian communities. According to previous studies, domestic violence rates as high as between 25% and 75% of persons in the lesbian, homosexual and bisexual category. However, it's hard to arrive at established figures as far as violence in this category is concerned. That's because is there is a lack of accurate or representative data. There is widespread under reporting of abuse and domestic violence among lesbians, gays and transgender couples.

Very often, people who identify themselves as sexual minorities are simply not comfortable about coming out in the open about the problems in their relationship. Besides, these relationships tend to be under a lot of stress because these people are sexual minorities. Individuals aren't comfortable about coming out about the violence and abuse that is going on in their lives.

Both males and females may hesitate to report the violence because of fear of discrimination, due to their sexual orientation. They also fear that they will be abused further by the partner, or be blamed for the abuse. In other cases, people who are in such abusive same-sex relationships haven't really come out about their sexual orientation to people like their family members. They don't want to come out to family members, via a domestic violence incident.

In California, victims who face domestic violence or abuse can take out a temporary restraining order that limits the violence perpetrator’s access to the victim. If you are currently being subjected to abuse or violence at home, speak to a family lawyer in Los Angeles about getting a restraining order and protecting yourself.