Jamra & Jamra, LLP featured in Forbes Magazine

Jamra & Jamra, LLP is featured in the April 2013 issue of Forbes Magazine as a Southern California leader in law.

From the article:

I thought that learning my spouse was leaving me was the worst day of my life. But I had no idea I was about to lose control over my life for the next year. I would be abandoning final decisions about children and financial issues to the courts. And at least $50,000 just for the lawyers’ fees? Life was about to get a whole lot worse.

In 2009, three of Los Angeles County’s most respected family attorneys left their positions at larger law firms to establish and offer a better alternative to the traditional divorce experience. Grace A. Jamra and Basel G. Jamra founded Jamra & Jamra, L.L.P. in Beverly Hills to create a new business model that focuses on clients. Soon thereafter, Michael B. Hanasab, who had previously worked with Grace, joined the firm and became a partner.

“Once a divorce case is initiated, the typical law firm goes into auto mode. The process is the same for each client, regardless of whether or not the circumstances warrant the strategy. The ‘conveyor belt’ approach is too restrictive and expensive and doesn’t allow for cost-effective or innovative solutions,” explains Grace Jamra, named one of the Top 50 Women Attorneys in Southern California by Super Lawyers since 2011.

Prospective clients who contact Jamra & Jamra because of the firm’s reputation for excellence are often surprised when they discover attorneys who are sympathetic listeners and people of compassion. “Our first questions are ‘What is important to you? What worries you most?’” says Hanasab. “Because we don’t operate like a divorce mill, we’re able to craft a solution designed to achieve your goals. Our custom-designed approach is tailor made to the client’s specific goals. The goal for us is to meet the client’s demands with cost-effective options.”

Named Southern California Super Lawyers for 10 consecutive years, Jamra & Jamra brings a high level of skill and expertise to each case. The firm’s record of achieving excellent outcomes, whether through mediation or litigation, is made possible in part by the lawyers’ reputation as hard-nosed litigators as well as practical resolution experts.

Grace Jamra currently chairs the Beverly Hills Bar Association Family Law Executive Committee, giving her an insider’s view of what is happening within the courts. “We know when it’s in the best interest of our clients to find alternative venues to the crowded courts,” she says.

“But we won’t shy away from a trial when necessary. We have strong litigation backgrounds and we’ll do whatever it takes to protect our client’s family and assets. At the end of the day, our job is more than helping clients simply survive an emotionally charged life transition. We want to help them successfully move into the future,” says Basel Jamra, a seasoned trial attorney. “So we connect with the clients, validate their concerns, and their cause becomes our cause.”

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