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What Are The Consequences of Only One Side Having a Lawyer in a Divorce?

Thursday, January 03, 2019

For whatever reason, you may learn that heading into a divorce, you have a lawyer by your side while your ex-spouse does not. This could be a money-saving decision or perhaps even pure narcissism. However, what does it mean for both sides when the one side is going into a divorce without a lawyer?

The most obvious result of the other side not having a lawyer is that they will at a disadvantage. For all the many ways you see a divorce lawyer, primary among them should be as an advisor. Your divorce lawyer will always let you know what to do next and how it should be done for the best results. Without a lawyer, it is literally a guessing game. Unfortunately, the reality of that situation is it will probably make your divorce take longer. Even an inexperienced new lawyer fresh out of law school is familiar with the process and the paperwork. Your spouse, however, is likely not familiar and it will take time for them to read it over and make their next move.

The biggest downside to a person representing themselves is everything takes more time. They will have mistakes to fix, court appearances to navigate, and your own attorney cannot help them. This is why no matter how contentious divorce is, you should make sure that both sides get a lawyer. It is an expense that is well worth it when it comes to making a divorce timelier. Divorce is already a long process, and no one needs to make it any longer.

If you are that spouse that isn't getting a lawyer for your divorce, you need to think otherwise. Contact us today to see how we can help your case. With a lawyer by your side, things not only go faster, but they are more likely to go your way.