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Exposure to Domestic Violence Increases Risk of Migraines in Children

Monday, June 01, 2015

Children who are exposed to to domestic violence, or any other kind of trauma even during childhood, may have a much higher risk of developing migraines as adults.

According to a Canadian study, exposure to any kind of traumatic event during childhood, including parental domestic violence or other types of abuse, could increase the risk of migraines during adulthood. Children, who reported experiencing childhood physical abuse, sexual abuse, and witnessing parental domestic violence, were found to have a migraine risk as adults that was three times as high in the case of both males and females.

What the researchers found really astounding was the very strong association between exposure to parental domestic violence as children, and the risk of migraines as adults. Those who witnessed violence as children had a 62% greater risk of suffering migraines as adult women, compared to those who had no history of parental domestic violence. Among males, the risk increased to a 52% higher risk as adults.

If you are currently experiencing domestic violence in the home, speak to a San Jose family lawyer about steps that you can take to protect yourself, and the safety of your children. The first step is however to firmly decide that you do want to take steps to preserve the safety of your family. Prolonged domestic violence can result not just in serious injuries and trauma, but also death.

Fortunately, you can get a restraining order that prevents the abusive spouse or partner from contacting you. Talk to a family lawyer in San Jose about whether you qualify for a domestic violence restraining order. Remember, if you do not qualify for a domestic violence restraining order, there may be other types of legal actions that you can take to prevent the harassment.