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How to Cope with Divorce Anger

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Divorce anger is what people who find it difficult to let go of their anger at their ex-spouse over their divorce, experience. That anger can continue to fester in a person's heart for years after the divorce. That kind of anger and resentment towards an ex-spouse is unhealthy, not only for the person, but also the children involved.

If you're currently dealing with a spouse who continues to be bitter or resentful against you because of the divorce, here's how you can handle it responsibly.

First of all, acknowledge that this is your ex-spouse’s issue, not yours. You are not the ones with the problem.

Understand that this is not something that you can control, and therefore, know that you shouldn't let it bother you.

Also understand that your children are watching whatever happens between the two of you, and can easily gauge the resentment by the other parent. Don’t worsen things by stooping to your ex’s level. Remember, your children also will remember how you spoke to their other parent.

Try not to let the anger affect you, and stop hoping that things are going to change.

Prioritize your children, and continue to be polite to your ex because it is what your children need. Stop focusing so much on the other person's anger.

Once you stop thinking so much about how to deal with your ex’s bitterness towards you, you will find that it is not a priority in your life anymore. Ultimately, you aren't responsible for your ex-spouse’s happiness, and are not responsible for his psychological well-being. If he or she can't deal with the divorce, you don't need to make it your problem.