Parenting is never easy. When in the middle of a divorce, the situation becomes much more difficult. Here are some suggestions for how to navigate the tricky road of co-parenting.

Stay Civil

Although civility can be difficult when there is bad blood between spouses, it is vitally important.  Almost nothing is more damaging to children than having parents talk negatively about each other in front of them. Additionally, try to refrain from bad-mouthing your spouse to other people. You will both need to interact with certain people that remain involved in your children's lives. If you have spoken poorly about your ex to those people, it will only make those interactions more difficult. 

Be Consistent

The more consistency between you and your ex the better. A divorce is a very difficult transition for children. Consistency between households will help them adapt to the new situation more successfully. Attempt to follow the same basic rules and adhere to similar values when it comes to the children. 

Work Together

Communicate with your ex as much as is necessary for your children's well-being. Successful co-parenting is impossible without reasonably effective communication. Children are not stupid. They know when their parents are at odds and it will likely make them more anxious. If you only look out for your own self-interests, the kids will lose.

Value Both Parents

You and your ex have a common goal: the health and happiness of your children. This is not a competition for their love. Unless there is a good reason (e.g., abuse, neglect), make sure both parents are getting significant time with the children. It is important for the kids to develop a relationship with each parent individually. Children need their parents in their life; they possess enough love for both of you.

Create A Parenting Agreement

The sooner you can work out financial and custody arrangements the better. In a time of uncertainty, people need structure. Parenting agreements provide a roadmap for each parent to follow. They also help establish expectations for the children and ease their concerns. If this cannot be done between parents on their own, mediators and lawyers can help facilitate the process. 

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