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Expensive Weddings Linked to Divorce

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Could a fancy expensive wedding with designer wedding gowns and eye-blinding bling, increase the risk of a divorce? New statistics definitely seem to indicate so.

Researchers recently analyzed data on 3000 American couples, and investigated their wedding expenses and the duration of their marriage. They were specifically investigating whether more expensive weddings were less likely to last. They found that women who spent more than $20,000 on the wedding were much more likely to find themselves needing a San Jose divorce lawyer over the next few years, compared to women who spent less than that amount.

In fact, the risks were 60% higher for women who had expensive weddings. Men who lavished approximately $2000-$4000 on their engagement ring, had a higher likelihood of divorce, compared to men who spent $ between $500 and $2000 for the engagement ring.

So, what kind of weddings are the most successful? The study seems to find a surprising link between marriage success and weddings that have more numbers of guests, compared to those that are more intimate affairs. The trend seems to be towards expensive weddings that have fewer numbers of guests. But, people should be probably cut down other types of expenses, and invite more numbers of guests to the wedding.

The researchers speculate that many people go for expensive weddings purely to show off, and that doesn't necessarily bode well for the marriage. Additionally, the more expensive a wedding, the less likely the bride or groom is to call the wedding off, if he or she develops cold feet, or premarital jitters. Precious studies have indicated that persons who suffer from premarital jitters are much more likely to end up getting divorced, compared to those who did not suffer from second thoughts.