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Who is Responsible for the Bills During a Divorce?

Friday, January 18, 2019

If there is one simple truth in the world, it is that things will continue to go on no matter what you are doing. If you are getting a divorce, nothing stops. You go to work, your kids go to school, and, yes, your bills need paying. However, the simple declaration of divorce should be enough for both parties to open their own bank accounts. Though dividing up the marital money should be stalled, paychecks should go to their separate parties. Yet, when this happens, who is paying the bills?

The answer can be simple. Bills should be paid from the marital accounts if possible. If the bill is in your name, and your name alone, you should probably pay it. Ideally, you would want to sit down and split up how the bills will be paid, but that may not be possible. Unfortunately, this impossibility can cause many problems. Obviously, if you have a car payment, and want to keep the car, you should pay the bill. However, while deciding who gets to keep the car, the bill still needs to be paid.

If you have already been the primary bill payer, it is important to continue to pay bills until they are separated formally. Not paying is something that is more likely to hurt you than your spouse. If there is one thing that you can do to help yourself, it makes the divorce process go as smoothly as possible. This will make it so you are free from your financial obligations more quickly.

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Custody Issues in Divorcing While Pregnant

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Many who are pregnant decide to put off a divorce, an otherwise stressful affair, until after they have given birth. However, many decide that the issue can't wait. Yet, one of the biggest concerns of pregnancy during divorce is custody. In cases of childbirth, the mother is always considered the natural parent. When married, the father is presumed to be the spouse. Even if the child is the result of another coupling, the spouse may be still counted as a parent unless evidence is presented otherwise.

However, as divorce is a torrent of emotions, there may be cases in which the child was actually conceived during a divorce. If the divorce is finalized, is that child still yours? By law, any children born after 300 days after a finalized divorce are still recognized as children born of a marriage. This means that even if you conceived a child on the day the papers were finalized, you still have the right to pursue a child custody modification after its birth. The rule was created specifically for this rare, but tricky situation so parents could still have a right to see their children.

Unfortunately, while this rule helps clear up child custody, the issue of child support is still a difficult one. It will need to be resolved as all child support issues are - in court, but only after the issue of custody is resolved. Often the parent that will spend less time with the child will need to pay child support to the primary caretaker. This can be crucial as divorce and a new baby are often very financially draining.

If you are going through a divorce and have also found out that you or your spouse is pregnant, it complicates things. However, we can help you. Contact us today to talk over your options with the Law Office of Jamra & Jamra.

What Are The Consequences of Only One Side Having a Lawyer in a Divorce?

Thursday, January 03, 2019

For whatever reason, you may learn that heading into a divorce, you have a lawyer by your side while your ex-spouse does not. This could be a money-saving decision or perhaps even pure narcissism. However, what does it mean for both sides when the one side is going into a divorce without a lawyer?

The most obvious result of the other side not having a lawyer is that they will at a disadvantage. For all the many ways you see a divorce lawyer, primary among them should be as an advisor. Your divorce lawyer will always let you know what to do next and how it should be done for the best results. Without a lawyer, it is literally a guessing game. Unfortunately, the reality of that situation is it will probably make your divorce take longer. Even an inexperienced new lawyer fresh out of law school is familiar with the process and the paperwork. Your spouse, however, is likely not familiar and it will take time for them to read it over and make their next move.

The biggest downside to a person representing themselves is everything takes more time. They will have mistakes to fix, court appearances to navigate, and your own attorney cannot help them. This is why no matter how contentious divorce is, you should make sure that both sides get a lawyer. It is an expense that is well worth it when it comes to making a divorce timelier. Divorce is already a long process, and no one needs to make it any longer.

If you are that spouse that isn't getting a lawyer for your divorce, you need to think otherwise. Contact us today to see how we can help your case. With a lawyer by your side, things not only go faster, but they are more likely to go your way.